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PrivateMDLab logo Private MD Lab Services is one of the leading companies in the US market that provides its customers with direct-to-consumer services. The company’s mission is to empower people to take charge of their health, monitor overall wellness and help to prevent diseases or detect them in their early stages.

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Private MD

Lab Tests 676
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Blacklisted States NY, NJ, MA, MD, RI
Phone Number (877) 283-7882
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Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
Private MD Locations 1,800+
Doing Business As PrivateMD Labs
Founded 2008
Company Private MD Lab Services
Corporate Address 445 Hwy 46 S, Suite 29-214
Dickson, TN 37055
Prices Updated 05/02/2023

Lab Tests From Private MD

With Private MD Lab Services, people may order lab tests at about 80% lower cost over common clinical lab tests. In addition to savings on the lab tests themselves, Private MD customers can save on doctor visits.

Before direct access testing became popular, a patient had to visit their doctor to get a requisition order (also known as lab order). Waiting for an appointment could easily take several weeks. After lab tests are done, the patient had to visit the same doctor once again to obtain lab test result and interpret them.

Now patients are free to order lab tests they would like without lab order from their doctor. It saves even more time and money. The direct-to-consumer principle makes it easier to keep a track of overall health and make wide healthcare decisions in a matter of several days.

Another benefit of direct testing is confidentiality. Most of lab test results will not be added to a medical history. The testing lab, however, must report some abnormal findings in some cases (Some of STDs, for example). Furthermore, lab test results are received online by a secure connection that decreases the time of testing and let make healthcare decisions in a quicker manner.

To let its patients save more Private MD Labs provides with discounts on lab test panels. Test panel can be built from several lab tests to save some money and time. Private MD Labs has seven tiers of discounts. 20 and more tests in one panel will bring the customer 50% off discount.

Medical Coverage and Lab Tests

As healthcare becomes more and more expensive, people try to get medical coverage. However, not every coverage will cover lab testing. Some of the medical insurance plans have a high deductible and a patient will have to pay completely out of pocket for getting lab tests done.

Underinsured or uninsured people can use Private MD Labs Services as well. In most cases, lab tests price is cheaper than an insurance plan co-pay. It helps to reduce healthcare expenses and order tests not only when disease showed some symptoms.

For those people who wish to show their care and order lab tests for their family, friends or others, gift certificates are presented on the website. Customers can order the certificate for any amount they wish, by filling a special form. The information required to get the certificate is a billing information and recipient name and email, in case if a certificate is for another person.

Unfortunately, some states law does not allow direct access testing on their territories. Residents of the states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland or Rhode Island cannot use Private MD Labs Services because of the law restrictions.

Popular lab tests sold by Private MD:

These tests are included in the highest number of test panels presented on the lab store. It makes them the most commonly ordered and popular.
CBC & CMP $56.69 Ulta Lab Tests has the best price for this test - $38.00 (see best price)
Included tests: CBC (includes Differential and Platelets), Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Unique lab tests sold by Private MD:

Tests that can be ordered only from this specific lab store. They are not presented at a web site of any other store.
Creatinine, Serum $53.01
Included tests: Creatine, Serum
N-Telopeptide, Serum $150.14
Included tests: N-Telopeptide, Serum
Lactic Acid, Plasma $65.99
Included tests: Lactic Acid, Plasma