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Personalabs logo Personalabs was founded by Edgar Wilson and Dr. Salko back in 2006. The main goal of the company was to provide patients with the simplest way to access healthcare.

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Lab Tests 614
Coupon Code 1 coupons, 20 deals
Blacklisted States NJ, RI, NY
Phone Number (888) 438-5227
Requisition Charge $0.00
Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
Personalabs Locations 2,300+
Doing Business As Pesonalabs
Founded 2006
Company Pesonalabs
Corporate Address 2215 Winkler Ave Suite I
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Prices Updated 02/20/2024

Personalabs digital service

They established the digital service that makes it possible for customers across the U.S. to order lab tests without getting a lab requisition from a doctor since it was included in the test order.

The name of the company contains the word “persona” because founders wished to secure the personal confidentiality of their customers.

For the purpose of confidentiality and keeping personally identifiable information save, Salko and Wilson created a special portal where their customers could order lab tests and get results directly.

The mission of Personalabs is to provide their customers with a special solution that makes it easier for an individual to obtain a peace of mind in case if there are any concerns about his or her overall health.

Direct testing doesn't take as much time and money as a regular testing when a customer has to visit a doctor twice just to get a lab order and then have a subsequent visit to obtain test results.

With Personalabs customer can order tests online, like in any other online store. After lab test is ordered, a customer has to go to a laboratory that was chosen on the site. As Personalabs is working with Quest Diagnostics, there are a huge number of laboratories to choose from, so everybody can find the best location: the nearest one or another, that works on Saturdays.

The process of lab testing doesn’t take much time. Usually, it takes about 10 minutes, but it depends on the certain lab test.

After the specimen is collected, everything that patient should do is wait for the results. For a convenience of its customers, Personalabs is providing testing results directly to the individual's account.

If some concerns or questions about results have occurred, you can use a doctor consultation through the same service.

With more than 300 laboratory tests and about 2,300 patient service centers, it is easier to get tests and detect illnesses or diseases in their early stages. Also, it helps individuals who wish to change their lifestyle and need an additional information about their overall health, to make better healthcare decisions or mark a baseline to track any changes.

Additional services from Personalabs

Aside from lab testing, the company also offers another option to get prescriptions or doctor advice without a visit to a doctor’s office. Because of legal restrictions, doctors cannot provide their customers with certain kinds of prescriptions.

With telemedicine from Personalabs, patients can get their prescriptions or answers on some questions regarding their health and medical conditions, tests that should be ordered in certain cases, and consultation on test results and next steps in treatment, if any negative health conditions were detected.

With direct testing and using telemedicine, patients can also keep their medical record clean in most cases. During some lifetime events, it is better to have as minimal records as possible: when changing a job or applying for an insurance plan all medical records are reviewed.

Also, Personalabs cares about their customers and has its own Membership Program for discounts and special offers that help to save even more money on healthcare. On the top of that, the company provides the members with educational tools that help people who wish to be more health conscious and have what to discuss with their physician regarding healthcare decisions and desired results.

Unfortunately, Personalabs cannot conduct any tests for residents from the states of New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, where direct access testing is not allowed by the law.

Popular lab tests sold by Personalabs:

These tests are included in the highest number of test panels presented on the lab store. It makes them the most commonly ordered and popular.
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP 14) Blood Test $41.00 Jason Health has the best price for this test - $8.00 (see best price)
Included tests: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Cholesterol Follow-Up Blood Test $76.00 This the best price for this test from any store.
Included tests: Lipid Panel with Ratios, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Creatine Kinase (CK), Total

Unique lab tests sold by Personalabs:

Tests that can be ordered only from this specific lab store. They are not presented at a web site of any other store.
Gastrin Blood Test $73.00
Included tests: Gastrin
Barium Blood Test $349.00
Included tests: Barium, Serum/Plasma
Barium Blood Test $237.00
Included tests: Barium, Whole Blood

Personalabs test panels availability by state:

Personalabs sells Quest tests in all states except: New Jersey (NJ), Rhode Island (RI), New York (NY).

If you are in NY, NJ, RI you are out of luck, you can not buy Quest lab tests online in these states.