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DirectLabs logo (Direct Labs) DirectLabs or Direct Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS) was founded in 1993 by John Bell. DirectLabs provides an access to 454 lab tests. Also, there are 1 DirectLabs coupons and 10 deals available on our website. DirectLabs is one of the leaders in the field of direct testing and has more than 300 lab tests sorted by 19 different categories. This helps not only to choose from a variety of tests, but also make it easier to test one specific function of the body, or get a comprehensive test for any particular system mostly for only 24 hours.

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Lab Tests 454
Coupon Code 1 coupons, 10 deals
Blacklisted States MD, NJ, NY, RI
Phone Number (800) 908-0000
Requisition Charge $0.00
Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
DirectLabs Locations 2,000+
Doing Business As DirectLabs
Founded 1993
Company Direct Laboratory Services, LLC
Corporate Address 4040 Florida St. Suite 101
Mandeville, LA 70448
Prices Updated 02/20/2024

About DirectLabs

Also, DirectLabs has “tests of the month”. These tests have lower price tag additionally to the low price that can be achieved with the help of direct access basis. The company states that the price is based on a volume of ordered test and so, DirectLabs can offer savings up to 80% off compared to retail prices. Furthermore, on DirectLabs Facebook page customers can find discount codes that help to save even more.

In early 80's John Bell looked back at his family history and discovered that several of his relatives died before they turned 50 years old. John studied the causes of heart attack and its connection to cholesterol level in blood. This lead to establishing healthcare company Heart Chek in 1983. The company offered screening programs performed nationwide. More than 50 teams were in charge for those screenings and run more than 150,000 tests each month. In 1993, John decided to expand from cardiovascular and cholesterol areas to other important fields of healthcare. Thus, he founded Direct Laboratory Services

Also, in 90’s, he was a witness of Patient Service Centers opening by the major laboratories. Direct Laboratory Services were able to establish the concepts of DAT – Direct Access Testing. The Internet was chosen as the main platform for marketing of DAT.

On the same time, John formed DAT trade association to form and maintain the same standards for all companies who entered the field of direct testing.

Disease prevention and transfer fee in DirectLabs

For the convenience of its customers, the company offers secure online accounts called "MyDLS”. By using the account, a patient can access orders, get lab tests results, or print a lab requisition.

With DirectLabs testing lab order from a physician (or insurance company) is not required, so a customer can save time and money on a doctor office visit. Also, tests results will not be a part of a medical record, unless specific cases, when the law requires to disclose test result and put it into the medical record.

The procedure of ordering is also very easy: a patient has information about the test, test process and description of what will be tested and why. So everything that should be done is locating the best option and ordering it like in any regular online store.

With a low price and simple order process, it is really easy to prevent a serious medical condition that can be undetected for several years and become a serious issue later. When disease or illness is detected in its early stage, the treatment is cheaper and easier. Low test prices also allow people who have a high-deductible insurance plan or don't have any to perform medical testing.

However, there are several things that can make DirectLabs customers or those people who wish to use DirectLabs unhappy.

First of all, customers cannot change to the existing order (which is effective immediately), once the order has been processed with the company. If a customer wishes to add or remove tests from orders, as well as transfer funds to another customer, a $10 so-called “transfer fee” will be charged to issue a new requisition form.

Also, Direct Labs services are not available in the states of Maryland, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey because of local laws that not allow direct access lab tests.