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LabReqs logo (LabReqs) LabReqs started to provide their services to individuals in 2008. Now it can provide its customers with more than 140 direct access tests and some other medical services, such as vaccination, school and pre-employment physical exams, x-rays, etc.

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Lab Tests 289
Coupon Code 1 coupons, 18 deals
Blacklisted States Quest: NY, NJ, RI
LabCorp: NY, NJ, RI
Phone Number (844) 455-6355
Requisition Charge $0.00
Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
LabReqs Locations 7,100+
Doing Business As LabReqs
Founded 1992
Company PicMed Wellness
Corporate Address 11014 E. 51st
Tulsa, OK 74146
Prices Updated 02/20/2024

Direct Access Testing

By using LabReqs services, people can get private, convenient and low-cost laboratory testing. As LabReqs works on a direct-to-consumer basis, there is no need to make an appointment to get a lab requisition prior to ordering tests.

It saves a lot of time and money to customers, on the top of that, the results are sent directly to the customer, not to his healthcare provider. It makes a follow-up visit to a doctor unnecessary in most cases.

LabReqs wrote descriptions to each of their lab tests, so if someone is unsure of what test to choose and what system will be tested, they can find this information in the description. The search is available by the test name, health condition, or a marker (like HDL cholesterol in Lipid Profile.

Those people who worry about understanding their results should know that they will receive their lab results with the reference numbers. In case if results are out or these ranges, the patient will understand that and may start seeking for medical assistance as soon as possible.

If there still some questions regarding the testing services left, customers are always welcome to use a phone or chat support. A labreqs specialist will assist in ordering tests and answer all the questions related to lab tests, the process, or results.

Unlike many other sites that offer only lab tests, LabReqs can also offer a variety of healthcare services. When tests showed a negative result for an immune status from a specific illness, the patient may use the same company for immunization or screening purposes.

Good option

It makes testing and additional procedures even more convenient. Another advantage of LabReqs is the number of sites a person may visit. As it works with both QuestDiagnostics and LabCorp, patients may choose among Quest's 2,400 or LabCorp’s 1,700 Patient Service Centers for a specimen collection.

On top of that, LabReqs has partnerships with many other medical companies and have the ability to provide other services in more than 7,000 sites.

An ability to order tests, exams and screenings from one company, makes LabReqs a good choice for those who wish to get a comprehensive assessment of their health status.

Lab tests, as they are provided on a direct-to-consumer basis, cost up to 80% less than those tests, which ordered at a clinic, but have the same accuracy and quality. Lab testing through LabReqs is a good option for underinsured or uninsured people.

LabReqs points out “early detection of health risks” as another advantage of using lab testing. That is true: the sooner disease is detected, the easier it can be treated and less money would be spent on it. Another reason why people may use lab tests from LabReqs is getting a baseline for future changes and monitoring overall wellness.

Unfortunately, LabReqs cannot provide lab testing to the customers from New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island because of the law restrictions in these states.