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Grassroots Labs logo (Grassroots Labs) Grassroots Labs is working on direct access testing (also known as “direct-to-consumer”) basis on the market since 2023. Grassroots Labs state that they provide marketplace to help millions of people in the US who are cash-paying for healthcare, so those people may have an access to affordable and convenient laboratory testing

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Grassroots Labs

Lab Tests 372
Coupon Code 0 coupons, 10 deals
Blacklisted States NY, NJ, RI
Phone Number (888) 315-3265
Requisition Charge $10.00
Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
Grassroots Labs Locations 1,800+
Doing Business As Grassroots Labs
Founded 2015
Company Grassroots Labs Corp.
Corporate Address 75 5th Street NW, Suite 2187
Atlanta, GA 30308, US
Prices Updated 03/12/2024

Usually, when a person wants to get some laboratory testing, it’s required to visit a doctor first in order to obtain a lab order (prescription for lab tests). Sometimes, doctors may be in network with insurance company and decline requests from their own patients for lab tests if it’s not necessary.

In case if a person wants to get a peace of mind and doesn’t want to spend time and money for a doctor office visit, using direct access testing from Grassroots Labs is a good option. By using the online service, patients may skip 2 doctor visits: for a lab order and to obtain the results.

The process of ordering tests online is really simple: patients need to order the tests on Grassroots Labs website and visit a Quest Diagnostics lab location for specimen collection afterwards. The lab results will be available on the website, so there’s no need for a second visit.

The tests ordered online are the same tests that are ordered by doctors and performed by Quest Diagnostics, the biggest CLIA-certified laboratory in the United States. It’s very convenient since patients may use one of 1,800 locations of Quest.

Most of the locations are opened Monday to Friday, but some of Quest Diagnostics patient service centers (PSCs) are also open on Saturday, that make it easier for busy people to get their labs done. An average time of PSCs visit is about 10-15 minutes.

After the visit, patients need to wait 1-3 days for their lab results in the most cases. Grassroots Labs website will show a notification stating the one of the selected tests may take more time. Once the results are ready, customers receive an email notification from the company with the link to their lab results.

Savings With Grassroots

It’s a known fact that that treatment of illnesses/diseases is cheaper on their early stages. With online companies like Grassroots Labs people are able to get answers to their medical questions sooner and start treatment as soon as possible if any abnormal results were found.

In addition to savings on a doctor visit, patients may also save up to 80% on the lab tests themselves. As Grassroots have automated most of the processes for their service and don’t have expenses related to physical locations for doctors and labs, they may afford to keep their prices lower than prices from doctors for the same lab tests.

Services provided by Grassroots Labs are HIPAA compliant, that means that the medical data of their patients is always secure and confidential.

Unfortunately, due to the state laws, direct to consumer testing is not allowed in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

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