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QuestDirect logo (QuestDirect) QuestDirect was founded in 2018 by Quest Diagnostics, one of the biggest lab testing companies in the United States. Now QuestDirect offers more than 30 direct-to-consumer laboratory tests. It means that anyone who is older than 18 years old can order them without a lab order from a physician.

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Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
Doing Business As Quest Diagnostics
Founded 1996
Company Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
Corporate Address 500 Plaza Dr
Secaucus, NJ 07094
Prices Updated 02/20/2024

QuestDirect benefits

One of the main benefits of using direct-access-testing (DAT) from QuestDirect is the price for testing. Unlike the common testing process, when a patient needs to visit a doctor for a requisition and for lab results, DAT allows to avoid unnecessary expenses and get the results directly.

Savings on doctor visits are not the only one when a patient uses QuestDirect. Another benefit of such a service is the testing price itself. All the tests are cheaper than the same tests ordered through a doctor. In some cases, the cost of a test may be up to 80% lower.

Those people, who may have some concerns regarding the testing quality, can be sure that it was not affected: Quest Diagnostics lab is usually the same lab their doctors order the tests from. However, the orders volume is higher at QuestDirect and makes it possible to decrease the price and administrative expenses.

In addition to saved money, patients can save time as well. There is no need to make an appointment with their doctor and wait for it for several weeks (in case if there is no any acute medical conditions). QuestDirect allows people to choose lab tests without leaving their homes.

A doctor visit is not mandatory and a patient may be not sure what tests they need to order to get comprehensive testing, QuestDirect made its clear what test should be ordered for each body’s system or medical condition.

Each test on the site has its description and the system will advise you what other tests may be ordered along with the chosen one to get as much information, as possible for the lowest price.

Another benefit

The savings mentioned above are obvious and not hidden. Other benefits of using QuestDirect are less obvious, but still very important.

With regular lab testing, most of diseases patients may detect most of the diseases on their initial stages. When it happened and the disease didn't develop for a long time, it's easier to treat it.

Furthermore, it's not only easier but also less expensive. Sometimes, an untreated disease may become chronic and expenses on treatment will be higher than lab tests in any case, but the treatment itself will be less effective.

Another way for using DAT is to create a baseline for further changes. General tests will not cost much and testing itself will not take more than several days, but it’s enough to understand the initial state and monitor changes in the future.

For the convenience of its customers, QuestDirect offers more than 2,000 locations across the United States. After the purchase was made, customers are free to go to one of these locations for a specimen draw.

There is no need in an appointment, but to save even more time patients are free to schedule one for themselves.

Unfortunately, QuestDirect is not offering its services in Hawaii, Alaska, Oklahoma, Arizona and Indiana.

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