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New Century Labs logo (New Century Labs) New Century Labs was founded in 2016. Now it is providing its customers with about 160 laboratory tests. Everyone who cares about overall wellness or wishes to get more comprehensive testing at the lower price can order any test online without a doctor's requisition.

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New Century Labs

Lab Tests 123
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Blacklisted States NY, NJ, RI, MD, HI
Phone Number (800) 519-2997
Requisition Charge $12.00
Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
New Century Labs Locations 2,300+
Doing Business As New Century Labs
Founded 2014
Company New Century Labs, LLC
Corporate Address 5200 SW Meadows RD
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Prices Updated 02/20/2024

Direct-to-Consumer testing

New Century Labs works on a direct-to-consumer basis, which is also known as “Direct Access Testing”. It means that customers may skip a visit to their doctor for a lab order and purchase tests they are interested in within a couple of minutes.

As the service is following HIPAA guidelines, which helps to protect the private and medical information of their patient. It means, all the records are confidential and secured, so even if a patient will have some disturbing results, it will not be indicated in medical records (except those tests that should be reported in case of positive results; mostly STDs).

Lab testing may be performed prior to medical insurance purchase or prior to applying to the job, just to make sure that everything is fine. Those people who wish to make a baseline for monitoring their health and changes, but do not wish to spend money for a doctor visit may find this service useful as well.

Simply by using the ability to order tests from New Century Labs, people can save money on two doctor visits: the first one to get a requisition and the following visit to receive the results. Even with medical insurance, the co-pay for doctor visits may be higher than the price of lab tests themselves.

The prices for lab tests are also lower than prices from clinics. Lower administrative expenses and work with the largest medical laboratory in the United States makes it possible to set prices up for the labs up to 80% lower.

Easy testing

With mentioned benefits, lab testing with New Century Labs is an option even for uninsured or underinsured people. It also saves time on doctor visits, as it is not necessary to wait for the appointment.

But is it possible to understand the results without a doctor? The answer is yes. Each test has its own description and reference ranges, so it is very easy to understand if the result is abnormal.

People can get peace of mind if everything is fine or get medical help as soon as possible if the results are disturbing. Even a serious medical condition may be prevented if high risk of it had been detected by lab testing and the patient got medical attention in time.

It is a known fact that diseases are easier to treat in their early stages. It also means that the treatment will be less expensive. Spending some money on regular lab testing from New Century Labs is another way to avoid high expenses in the future.

Patients can visit one of the 2,300 lab locations in almost all states for a specimen collection. It will be easy to find the nearest lab for a specimen draw on the website.

Unfortunately, due to the states’ laws, New Century Labs services are unavailable in the states of New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland and Hawaii.

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