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Blood Tests for Heart Disease lab tests in LabReqs

Lab Test Test Cost
Lipoprotein - Lipoprotein (a) test $89.00
Homocysteine Test $61.00
RH Type $49.99
Ferritin $49.99
Iron Total $39.00
PT INR - Prothrombin Time Test $49.99
Iron Total - Total Iron blood test $39.00
Lipoprotein $89.00
PT INR $49.99
Hemoglobin Level $39.00
Reticulocyte Count - Reticulocyte Count blood test $39.99
Ferritin - Ferritin Test $49.99
PT and PTT $63.00
Iron and TIBC (TIBC) $47.00
Hemoglobin Level $39.00
PT and PTT $63.00
RH Type $49.99
Hemoglobin A1C $49.99
CK- Creatine Kinase $49.99
CK- Creatine Kinase - CK Test $49.99