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General Health Panel lab tests in Personalabs

Lab Test Test Cost
Urinalysis, Urine Test - Urine Test $39.00
Hemoglobin A1c Blood Test - A1c Blood Test with eAG $39.00
Metabolic Panel 8 - Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) Blood Test $50.00
Optimal Vegan/ Vegetarian Profile Blood Test $274.00
MoxiLife Endurance Baseline Biomarker Blood Test $168.00
Calcium, Ionized Blood Test - Ionized Calcium Test $83.00
Anemia Profile Blood Test $135.00
Comprehensive Liver Profile Blood Test $180.00
Creatinine Clearance Blood Test $57.00
Protein,Total Quantitative, 24hr., Urine Test $55.00
Calcium Blood Test - Calcium Blood Test $47.00
Wellness Checkup $119.00
Cholesterol Follow-Up Blood Test $73.00
Microalbumin: Creatinine Ratio $63.00
Comprehensive Lipid Screening Blood Test $240.00
Lipid Panel Blood Test - Lipid Panel (Lipid Profile Test) $39.00
Weight Loss Profile - Groupon $299.00
Blood Type Test - ABO Group and Rh Type blood testing $52.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP 14) Blood Test - CMP Blood Test without Insurance $39.00
Basic Vegan/ Vegetarian Profile Blood Test $182.00
Potassium Blood Test - Potassium Blood Test $47.00
Uric Acid Blood Test - Uric Acid Test $47.00
Amylase and Lipase Blood Test $70.00
Wellness Checkup - Groupon $98.00
AST SGOT Blood Test - AST blood test cost without insurance $47.00
Lipid Panel with LDL/HDL Ratio Blood Test - Lipid Panel with Ratios tests cost $56.00
CBC with differential and platelet count Blood Test - Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test $39.00
Fatigue Profile Blood Test $168.00
Weight Loss Profile Blood Test $351.00
Electrolyte Panel Blood Test $48.00
Isocyanates Profile Blood Test $96.00
Osteoporosis Screening Profile Blood Test $130.00