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Allergy Testing lab tests in Walk-In Lab

Lab Test Test Cost
Casein Allergy Blood Test, IgE $60.00
Wheat Allergy Blood Test, IgE $45.00
Allergy Animal Group Panel Blood Test $155.00
Cat Hair and Dander Allergy Blood Test $38.00
Gluten Blood Test $32.00
Allergy Mold Panel Blood Test $160.00
Latex Allergy Blood Test $57.00
Dog Dander Allergy Blood Test $55.00
Stachybotrys Chartarum/Atra Blood Test, IgE $45.00
Allergy Stinging Insect Profile Blood Test $149.00
Food Allergy Blood Test Panel - Food Allergy Test $195.00
Flaxseed IgE Blood Test $48.00
Allergy Cereal Group Panel Blood Test $99.00
Allergy Mold Group Panel Blood Test $101.00