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Lab Testing API is a young company in the field of laboratory testing. It provides its customers with an ability to keep tracking their overall wellness and detect diseases in their early stages when treatment will take less time and money. This is one of the best options for people who cannot afford a medical plan or those, who have a medical plan with a high deductible or low coverage. By using the services of Lab Testing API, patients may save up to 80% off on their lab testing. You may use presented discount codes at checkout to save even more.

15% OFF
Coupon Code
15% off $200+ order
Start Time: 03/04/2019
End Time: 12/31/2019
Description: Save 15% off on your $200 or more purchase

Cheap Lab Tests - Deals by Lab Testing API

These lab tests and test panels have the lowest price tag but still provide patients with the same test coverage as similar tests from other lab test stores.
$6 OFF
Start Time: 10/26/2017
End Time: 12/31/2017
$49.00 comparing to $55.99 from LabsMD or $56 from Personalabs
Included tests: Lipid Panel with Ratios
$20 OFF
Start Time: 10/26/2017
End Time: 12/31/2017
$75.00 instead of $95.0 from Personalabs or $119 from Accesa Labs
Included tests: Anti-Mullerian Hormone AssessR™