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Lab Test Test Cost
Testosterone (T+F), Estradiol and DHT Panel $170.00
Inflammation Panel $222.44
Panel: CBC, CMP, TT, FT, Lipids, Prolactin, Ultra Sensitive Estradiol, and SHBG $306.98
Post PCT Panel $181.46
Fertility Panel for Women $327.01
Bodybuilder Blood Test Panel- Comprehensive $380.47
Osteoporosis Lab Test Panel $260.00
Bodybuilder Blood Test Panel- Basic $227.57
Cystatin C test with EGFR $60.00
Metformin Treatment Lab Panel $101.96
Erectile Dysfunction ED Test Panel $244.63
Testosterone, Total ( LC/MS), Free T (Equilibrium Dialysis), Bioavailable T, and SHBG $89.00
THYROID Panel (TSH + Free T3 + Free T4) $55.00
Testosterone (T+F), Hematocrit, Ultra Sensitive Estradiol and Prolactin Panel $170.00
Testosterone, Thyroid and Estradiol Panel $158.00
Complete Hormone & Wellness Panel for MEN $418.40
Anemia Panel- 18 Tests $119.93
Male Ultra Elite Panel $990.00
Heart Test Panel- Comprehensive $428.38
Diabetes Panel $189.23
QuantiFERON Gold Test $138.43
PreOp Surgery Lab Test Panel $92.77
Thyroid Antibody Panel $65.64
Annual Physical Lab Test Panel $92.54
Adrenal Insufficiency Panel- Basic $170.59
Women's Hormone & Wellness Panel $319.25
Pre- TRT MALE Hormone / Wellness Panel $250.00
Testosterone + LH + FSH Panel $115.27
Male Hormone Panel - Comprehensive $449.63
Gynecomastia Blood Test Panel $459.40
Vitamin and Mineral Panel $243.30
PCOS Test Panel $459.29
Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test (AMH) - Females $75.45
Blood Donation Panel $35.00
Women's Elite Hormone and Wellness Panel $576.07
Elite Male Blood Test Panel $619.58
TRT MALE Hormone/Wellness Follow Up Panel $199.00
TRT + hCG Lab Test Panel $167.06
Fibromyalgia Panel $479.05
TRT Basic Monitoring Panel $110.00
Ultimate Lab Test Panel for Men and Women $701.64
Testosterone (Total + Free), Ultrasensitive Estradiol & Hematocrit $109.00
Women's Hormone Panel $239.14
Testosterone, Total and Free (NO Upper Limit) plus Hematocrit $85.08
Hair Loss Test Panel $360.87
Comprehensive Fatigue Panel $362.08
CBC + CMP + Lipids $66.03
Testosterone, SHBG, Hematocrit, Sensitive Estradiol and PSA $186.51
Amenorrhea Test Panel $189.23