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STDTestExpress logo STD Test Express is one of the leaders in STD testing in the United States. Its powered by Analyte Health, Inc. and provides its services for about 10 years. During this period, the company performed about 2.2 million tests nationwide.

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STD Test Express

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STD Test Express Benefits

There are about 20 million people are infected with sexually transmitted diseases each year. In some cases, STDs do not show any symptoms for a long period and can be undetected. Lack of symptoms does not make them harmless since they can affect unborn children or patient’s partner.

To prevent STDs from spreading and detecting it in the early stages, when the treatment takes less time and money, people may use STD Test Express services. With lab tests through this lab store, patients get accurate lab test results in a matter of several days.

Most of the lab tests take about only three business days. The most complicated tests, like HIV early detection test, may take up to five business days due to their complexity.

The company sends lab test results to the customer online, through a secure online account. For the convenience of its customers, STD Test Express provides the results with reference ranges and conclusion. Lab test result may be positive, negative, equivocal or abnormal.

When lab test results are positive health care specialists team takes care of the patient and connect him or her to a local health care provider for further treatment. If test results are abnormal or equivocal, additional testing is recommended.

Lab test results are confidential and protected by HIPAA policy. It means that STD Test Express will not provide any third party with your lab test results unless it is required by law.

Affordable Testing

Lab test through STD Test Express is affordable for the most of people even without a medical insurance plan. The specific of STD tests include a necessity of a doctor order for a lab test. STD Test Express provides its customers with healthcare provider order through Analyte Physicians Group.

Patients have to pay a physician fee in addition to lab test cost. Despite this fact, the cost of STD tests is lower than the same testing in a clinical laboratory. Also, it is more convenient, since there is not a necessity of at least two doctor visits.

During the common testing, people had to visit a doctor to get a requisition form. They spend time waiting for a doctor appointment. After blood work is done, they had to visit a doctor once again to obtain their lab test results and get recommendations or treatment.

Now patients can receive lab testing results online and review them even from a mobile device. On the top of that, patients get recommendations from STD Test Express at the beginning of their work with the site. The system asks several questions regarding health condition and possible exposure and then recommends certain tests to perform.

Popular lab tests sold by STD Test Express:

These tests are included in the highest number of test panels presented on the lab store. It makes them the most commonly ordered and popular.

Unique lab tests sold by STD Test Express:

Tests that can be ordered only from this specific lab store. They are not presented at a web site of any other store.