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SaveOnLabs logo SaveOnLabs began their activity right after country’s words economic crisis in 2008. Their goal was to provide patients with a solution on the field of costly healthcare, since many people were not able to get coverage for lab testing with high-deductible medical insurance plans.

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Lab Tests 301
Coupon Code 1 coupons, 10 deals
Blacklisted States NY, NJ, MA, MD, RI
Phone Number (415) 513-1004
Requisition Charge $0.00
Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
SaveOnLabs Locations 2,000+
Doing Business As SaveOnLabs
Founded 2008
Company Medica Health, LLC
Corporate Address 401 Carlson Pkwy
Minnetonka, MN 55305
Prices Updated 11/02/2022

About SaveOnLabs

The service provided by SaveOnLabs was innovative and made health services affordable since they used direct service business model, where a patient can pay for lab tests without lab order from a physician. Also, SaveOnLabs customers are able to get some educational services from the company.

SaveOnLabs uses a nationwide network of physicians and contacts national lab services in 46 states that make it possible to make price tags for lab testing even lower.

The company states that they are about providing their customers not only with lab testing but with health care choices and says that good decisions should be based on quality tests. According to SaveOnLabs, if people test their bodies they can change them.

Choosing a lab test in SaveOnLabs

SaveOnLabs uses the U.S. largest laboratory Quest Diagnostics to perform tests ordered on their website to achieve the best quality of testing.

More than several hundred clinical tests are available for SaveOnLabs customers and partnership with Quest Diagnostics provides customers with a huge number of available local laboratories across the country.

The orders on the website are secured and a patient may find a required test or browse through test categories to find the most suitable one. After the test is chosen, a patient only needs to use lab locator to choose the closest testing site or choose any other one if needed. The requisition can be used in a chosen or any other site as it is only a suggestion to use it when a lab is located.

Unlike most of the medical insurance plans, the requisition can be used in any other approved lab in another state. A patient only needs to put the chosen lab address into the "shipping address" field on the web site.

Walk-in basis of these testing sites and not mandatory doctor’s offer saves a lot of time and money for a patient. SaveOnLabs also recommends to call a lab prior to the visit to avoid any confusion.

If a required test is not listed on the site, a patient can send an email to the company. SaveOnLabs will review the test, price it and add it to their store for patients’ convenience.

There are also special custom test panels from high-qualified healthcare professionals that help to test specific body systems and get comprehensive knowledge about their condition. Diagnostics and treatment of health conditions with those panels and doctor's supervision are more effective since doctors chose the most suitable test for their practice.

SaveOnLabs ordering process

After placing the order on SaveOnLabs web site through secure ordering system, a customer will receive an invoice and requisition login via email within one business day after placing the order.

It can take up to 24 hours for SaveOnLabs physician’s network to review the order and send the requisition order needed to get lab testing done.

Most of the results are sent to the customer within two-three business days, however, there are some specialty tests that can be processed up to five business days because of their complicity. If there are any questions or concerns about lab tests or periods, customer always can contact the company at

Also, it will be a good idea to contact customer support service if there is no test that matches patient's requirement or if a customer is not sure what test should be ordered since tests can have several names or synonyms. In this case, the specific test will be determined by using special Quest Diagnostics codes.

Because of some legal limitations, residents of the states of Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Massachusetts are not able to get direct access testing through SaveOnLabs .

Popular lab tests sold by SaveOnLabs:

These tests are included in the highest number of test panels presented on the lab store. It makes them the most commonly ordered and popular.
True North Health Center Basic Panel $42.48 This the best price for this test from any store.
Included tests: CBC (includes Differential and Platelets), Interleukin-4 (IL-4), Serum
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel with GFR estimated $31.50 Tripment has the best price for this test - $7.00 (see best price)
Included tests: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
General Health Screen $59.00 This the best price for this test from any store.
Included tests: Lipid Panel, Standard, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, CBC (includes Differential and Platelets)

Unique lab tests sold by SaveOnLabs:

Tests that can be ordered only from this specific lab store. They are not presented at a web site of any other store.
Included tests: HGB INDICES
HPV GENO 16,18/45 $173.50
Included tests: HPV Genotypes 16, 18/45
Included tests: Estradiol, Rapid

SaveOnLabs test panels availability by state:

SaveOnLabs sells Quest tests in all states except: New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Massachusetts (MA), Maryland (MD), Rhode Island (RI).

If you are in NY, NJ, RI you are out of luck, you can not buy Quest lab tests online in these states.

If you are in MA you can use DirectLabs, DiscountedLabs, Health Tests Direct .