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HealthCheckUSA logo HealthCheckUSA is one of the oldest online lab test stores in the United States. It was founded in 1999 and since then provides its customers with affordable, confidential and convenient lab testing. As the store uses direct-to-consumer principle, customers can save up to 80% off on lab tests themselves.

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Lab Tests 122
Coupon Code 2 coupons, 8 deals
Blacklisted States NY, NJ, RI, MA, MD
Phone Number (800) 299-7226
Requisition Charge $5.00
Laboratory LabCorp
HealthCheckUSA Locations 1,800+
Doing Business As HealthCheckUSA
Founded 1999
Company Life Time, Inc.
Corporate Address 2902 Corporate Place
Chanhassen, MN 55317
Prices Updated 01/18/2019

Benefits Of HealthCheckUSA

The cost of lab tests themselves is not the only saving possible with direct access testing (DAT). Before DAT was popular, people had to visit their doctor and get a lab order (also called lab requisition). After the specimen collection, they had to make another appointment with the same doctor to get their results.

Waiting for a doctor appointment may last up to several weeks. Furthermore, in some cases, doctors would refuse to order one or another lab test without noticeable reason. With HealthCheckUSA services, patients may order any lab test they wish online any time without a lab order from their physician. It saves a significant amount of time and money.

HealthCheckUSA divided all available lab tests into several categories. They help patients to keep a track of their overall health or detect certain diseases in their early stages. Some of the categories were developed specially for women or men and may be useful in fertility or hormone testing.

For patients’ convenience, there are thousands of lab test facilities across the US. After the customer visited a lab location for a blood draw or other specimen collection, he or she needs to wait for three to five business days to get lab test results. Waiting period completely depends on lab test complexity. All the laboratories are CLIA-certified (CLIA - Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988) and provide patients with the most accurate lab test results.

Getting lab test results is also easier with online services from HealthCheckUSA. Customers have their own online account, where all the results with reference ranges are available after lab tests were performed. As HealthCheckUSA is HIPAA compliant, they provide high security and protection of personal and medical information. It means that lab test results cannot be sent to any third parties without a request from the patient.

Why Use DAT?

Some people think that there is no necessity to use lab tests unless some adverse medical conditions occur. However, lab tests may be useful also for other purposes, not only in confirmation of certain disease. For example, getting a baseline for a future lifestyle change is a good idea. Ordering lab tests once in several months helps to track changes in overall health.

Another benefit of using HealthCheckUSA services is confidentiality. Unless positive results for some STD tests, not all the results are a subject to the health records. It is very useful when clean medical record must be as clean as possible for getting a lower insurance premium.

Direct access testing is the best option for uninsured or underinsured people who care about their overall health. As the company does not accept medical insurance, they do not need to negotiate about prices for lab tests and keep them low. It makes direct-to-consumer testing affordable for most people.

Unfortunately, due to the state law, direct access testing is prohibited in the states of New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

Popular lab tests sold by HealthCheckUSA:

These tests are included in the highest number of test panels presented on the lab store. It makes them the most commonly ordered and popular.
Super Chemistry Heart $55.00 This the best price for this test from any store.
Included tests: Complete Blood Count (CBC) With Differential, Metabolic Panel (14), Comprehensive, Lipid Panel, Uric Acid

Unique lab tests sold by HealthCheckUSA:

Tests that can be ordered only from this specific lab store. They are not presented at a web site of any other store.
CoQ10 Test $162.00
Included tests: Coenzyme Q10, Total
Amylase $45.00
Included tests: Amylase
Lipase $36.00
Included tests: Lipase