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Allergen Profile, Mini Profile (test) (remove)
Stores: HealthCheckUSA, LifeExtension
LabCorp test: 649749 (LabCorp)
Components: Class Description, D001-IgE D pteronyssinus, D002-IgE D farinae, E001-IgE Cat Dander, E005-IgE Dog Dander, E072-IgE Mouse Urine, G002-IgE Bermuda Grass, G008-IgE Bluegrass, Kentucky, M006-IgE Alternaria alternata, T007-IgE Oak, White, T008-IgE Elm, American, W001-IgE Ragweed, Short, W009-IgE Plantain, English
T002-IgE Alder, Grey (component) (remove)
Stores: Health Testing Centers, LifeExtension, RequestATest
Components: T002-IgE Alder, Grey

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