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Culture, Fungus, Blood (test) (remove)
Stores: LabReqs, LabsMD
Quest test: 4606 (Quest)
Components: Culture

Culture, Fungus, Blood test cost is between $117.00 and $132.99

Culture, Fungus, Blood test cost minimal is in LabReqs (Fungus (Mycology) Culture) with price $117.00. Culture, Fungus, Blood test cost max is in LabsMD (Fungus, Culture, Blood) with price $132.99. This laboratory test is available in 2 online lab test stores.

Culture, Fungus, Blood Lab Test Short Info

Culture, Fungus, Blood Test Synonyms: fungal and/or AFB), Blood Culture (bacterial

Culture, Fungus, Blood Lab Test procedure CPT Code: 87103

Screening for the next conditions: Fungal Infections, Wound and Skin Infections, Tuberculosis, Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Infections, Lung Diseases, Travelers' Diseases, Pneumonia, Meningitis and Encephalitis, Vaginitis and Vaginosis, Sarcoidosis

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