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What is online blood test? Lab testing without a doctor or insurance

Online Blood Test. Guidance on doing Blood Test Online with or without insurance or doctor visit.

General questions about Blood Testing Online

Should I get tested if I feel healthy?

Some of the serious medical conditions can exist without noticeable symptoms for several years. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are among them. With lab testing, you can detect diseases in their early stages. It helps to increase chances of successful treatment. Another purpose of lab tests online is to establish a baseline for future health monitoring.

Can I order blood test without doctor visit?

Yes. Lab test stores provide their customers with a lab order from a state licensed doctor through their network. This lab order (lab requisition) is included in the test price. This makes blood testing online possible.

Is it possible to use a lab order from my physician?

Most of lab test stores can accept a lab order from other doctors. However, it is better to make a call to the lab test store. They will tell if they can accept your lab order in your particular case.

How old do I have to be to get tested?

You must be at least 18 years old. However, most of the lab stores help their customers to get tests for their underage dependents.

Why blood test online costs up to 80% less than the same testing ordered by a doctor?

There are several reasons, why DAT is cheaper. First of all, you do not need to visit your doctor for an exam. On the top of that, specimen collection by the clinic is usually more expensive. Blood test online stores higher volume let them reduce the cost of testing and still be profitable. Also, most of the lab stores require payment in advance and mostly do not accept medical insurance. It helps to save on administrative expenses and avoid higher negotiated prices.

Are there any states where Direct Access Testing is prohibited?

Due to state regulations, Direct Access Testing is not allowed through Quest Diagnostics in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island or to its residents. Testing through LabCorp is not allowed in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

Payments and billing when you order online blood test

What does the price include?

Lab stores mostly include a doctor's lab order (requisition), lab and testing fees, a copy of blood test online results. For more detailed information, please contact your lab test store.

Where to get blood work done without insurance?

Most of lab testing stores do not accept medical insurance. It helps to keep the prices low and reduce administrative expenses. However, some companies are trying to involve more customers and let them use medical plans. On websites of those companies should be the information on if they accept or do not accept medical insurance plans. Usually, on those websites you can also use a lab locator to find where you can get blood work done near you.

Preparation for the lab test

Should I fast before taking the test?

It depends on the chosen lab test. On most of the websites, you can find the information regarding fasting prior the lab test at the test description.

Can I get lab testing while I feel sick?

Healthcare providers advice to take tests only when you are not ill. Viruses and other infections may affect the lab test results.

Will my prescription drugs affect lab testing?

It depends on what medication you take and what lab test will be performed. It will be better to check it with a doctor or a pharmacist first. Please do not stop taking your medication without prior consultation with your doctor.

Other questions about lab testing online

What laboratories will perform lab testing?

It depends on what medical laboratory is affiliated with a lab test store. Mostly, by using online blood test, people order blood tests online from LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics – the largest laboratories in the United States. To order lab tests online from Quest just use the form at the top of this page. Additionally, by using the same form you can order lab tests online from LabCorp. However, you need to switch the search from Quest to LabCorp by clicking on dropdown in the right side of the form.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Most lab test stores state that there is no need to make an appointment. However, lab stores advice to call prior to a visit. It is caused by high load of specimen collection sites. Also, they can have different working time.

Is there an expiration date for my lab order?

Yes, most lab orders have an expiration period and are valid for about six months from the date of purchase. However, this period can be different and depends on particular lab store.

Can I do testing anonymously?

Some lab stores provide their customers with this option. The first and second name will be replaced with numeric characters and letters, but DOB and gender are required.

Lab test results

How long will my blood test results take?

It depends on a lab test. Most of the test results take 3-5 business days. The most complicated online blood test may take up to several weeks.

How can I get my lab test results?

All lab stores provide their customers with an online account. Since they are working with medical information, they are HIPAA compliant. It means that they can provide lab test results for online blood test only through the online account.

Is it possible to understand if lab test results are abnormal?

Yes. Online blood test results include not only test values but also reference ranges. On the top of that, laboratories indicate abnormalities on the report.

What to do if my lab test results are abnormal?

In case if your results are out of reference ranges, please consult with a doctor as soon as possible.

Will my healthcare provider receive a copy of my results?

Only in case if you will sign HIPAA release form and ask to send results to your healthcare provider. Otherwise, lab test store or laboratory are not allowed to share your personal and medical information (lab tests results) with third parties.