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Tripment logo is available for people from most of the states, who want to buy lab tests online on direct-to-consumer (direct access testing; DAT) since July 2019. It’s a great option for buying more than 150 laboratory tests for underinsured or uninsured people.

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Lab Tests 175
Coupon Code 0 coupons, 10 deals
Blacklisted States NY, NJ, TX, RI
Phone Number (888) 650-5525
Requisition Charge $15.00
Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
Doing Business As Tripment
Founded 2019
Company Tripment Inc.
Corporate Address 2535 Richmond Ave #1093
Staten Island, NY 10314
Prices Updated 11/15/2022

Usually, the process of getting lab tests done in the United States requires at least 2 doctor visits. The first one is just to obtain a lab order and the second visit to obtain lab results. However, sometimes doctors do not wish to prescribe laboratory tests without any sing of possible disease.

With Tripment it’s easier to get lab tests done because they do not require a lab order from a doctor (they provide their customers with lab orders themselves) and it’s up to a customer to decide what lab test to choose.

Since the process of getting tests is easy, quick and affordable, people can get answers to their medical questions in a timely manner and start treatment sooner, if any disease or illness was detected by the test. When diseases or illnesses are on their early stages, it’s easier (and cheaper) to treat them.

For customers convenience, all the tests available on the website are separated by 25 different categories. Also, every test has its own description, so it’s easier to understand what tests to choose to evaluate one’s health. If it’s not enough, patients can always contact the Tripment support team to get more assistance in getting the correct tests or answers to their questions.

Tripment works with Quest Diagnostics – the biggest lab in the United States, so customers may choose between more than 2,000 CLIA-certified lab locations called “patient service centers” (PCSs) across the country.

Most of the locations are open Monday to Friday and accept patients on walk-in basis, but some of the patient service centers are open on Saturdays. That’s a great opportunity for people who cannot go to the lab during a business week.

Usually it takes about 1-3 business days for the results to come back for the most of the tests. In case if test is done by Quest’s specialty lab, tests may take some extra time. Once the results are ready, customers can check it online on the website. In addition to lab tests, offers also screening tests like CT scan, MRI, ultrasound and some others at affordable price.

Tripment affiliation program

Tripment can be used by healthcare providers as well, since it offers centralized dashboard and portal.

Usually doctors don’t waste their time for finding low-cost option testing for their patients. With this portal it’s easier for doctors to ensure ease of adherence and make care about their patients less time-consuming process, at the same time saving up to 80% of the test price.

By using the Tripment portal doctors can track the patient’s progress over time and focus more on the treatment or health evaluation process.

All the services are HIPPA compliant, that means that patients personal and medical information is safe and secured.

Unfortunately, due to the states’ laws, Tripment services are unavailable in the states of New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Rhode Island.

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