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Link2Labs logo Link2Labs has been offering discounted blood tests since 2007 and realized that so many more uninsured, low income, and high deductible insured people could benefit from our discounted lab/blood testing.

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Lab Tests 90
Coupon Code 0 coupons, 10 deals
Blacklisted States NJ, NY, RI, MA, CT
Phone Number (844) 254-6524
Requisition Charge $30.00
Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
Link2Labs Locations 2,200+
Trademark Link2Labs
Founded 2016
Company Link2Labs, LLC
Corporate Address 8325 Broadway, Ste. 202-259
Pearland, TX 77581
Prices updated 05/10/2018

About Link2Labs

After helping numerous people over the years in a hospital setting with discounted lab (blood) testing Link2Labs decided to help the thousands of uninsured, indigent, low income, and insured that are interested in saving money and not have to pay high insurance deductibles for lab (blood) tests that may only cost a fraction of the actual cost.

Popular lab tests sold by Link2Labs:

These tests are included in the highest number of test panels presented on the lab store. It makes them the most commonly ordered and popular.
Bundle 3 - CBC, CMP $20.00 This the best price for this test from any store.
Included tests: CBC (includes Differential and Platelets), Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
CBC (DIFF/PLT) $15.00 This the best price for this test from any store.
Included tests: CBC (includes Differential and Platelets)

Unique lab tests sold by Link2Labs:

Tests that can be ordered only from this specific lab store. They are not presented at a web site of any other store.
HCG, TOTAL, QN $60.00
Included tests: hCG, Total, Quantitative

Link2Labs test panels availability by state:

Link2Labs sells Quest tests in all states except: New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Rhode Island (RI), Massachusetts (MA), Connecticut (CT).

If you are in NY, NJ, RI you are out of luck, you can not buy Quest lab tests online in these states.

If you are in MA you can use HealthLabs, RequestATest, Personalabs .