Health Tests Direct lab tests store

Health Tests Direct (HTD) logoHealth Tests Direct (HTD) claim themselves to be “Direct-Access-Testing provider” or “health services provider” that is “Direct-to-Consumer”.  Because of that business model, they can save their customers about 50-81% on blood tests, regardless of what type of test is ordered on their site.

According to HTD, Direct Access Testing makes it possible to experience three health management services directly and so have deep discounts. These services are:

  • Direct blood-draw; meaning that HTD customer will go to a clinic for a blood-draw directly, without any mandatory visit to a doctor and making an appointment prior to a visit. It also saves money, a visit may be paid on out-of-pocket basis even with a medical insurance plan.

  • Direct work with laboratories; with Health Tests Direct, customer doesn’t need a lab order (prescription for blood test) from a doctor or insurance company, as HTD arranges directly with test laboratory for specimen analysis;

  • Quick results sending; unlike a common procedure, when a patient has to visit a doctor one more time to get test results, HTD is sending results directly and immediately via email, regular mail or fax. Also, HTD can send a copy of results directly to a doctor, if his or her patient will request it.

Health Tests Direct saves time and money

So, by excluding a doctor, who would offer or arrange a costly physical exam before ordering a blood test, arranging a high volume of test for “health-conscious people” across the U.S. and not marking up lab test services cost as high as doctors typically do, HTD can possibly save up to 81% of money.

Another way to save time and money, along with these three major factors are several other money-saving operational processes that Health Tests Direct has incorporated into the organization. For example, they ask customers to pay in advance. It prevents an occurrence of late payments, bounced checks and any confusion, as it possible with other companies that don’t provide their customers with the full and transparent price for their services.

On the top of that, the company doesn’t accept medical insurance plans. The reason of why they chose not to accept it is in requirements for “negotiating” payment and waiting period to receive them (that is up to three months). All of these techniques and policy allows the company to reduce their operational expenses and make lab tests cheaper than those that ordered through a healthcare professional.

Health Tests Direct is the modern personal health monitoring and management process that is designed to save time and more important – money of patients. It allows patients and their doctors monitor health condition with fewer expenses and in a more convenient manner. Thus, preventing of illnesses and diseases became even easier, since it's cheaper now to regularly monitor patient's health.

Also, Health Tests Direct is associated with two largest laboratories: Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. With two labs, about 300 different lab tests are available for HTD customers.

Some restrictions in Health Tests Direct lab store

Unfortunately, not everyone in the United States can use Health Tests Directs services. Thus, residents of Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York are not able to use blood testing for Direct Access Testing. This restriction applies both LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics laboratories.

Also, such kind of restriction is working in Massachusetts and Maryland for LabCorp, but not for Quest Diagnostics. Of course, customers can use tests from Quest Diagnostics, but some of them are unique for each laboratory and sometimes it is not possible to find a substitute from a competitor.

Health Tests Direct is not happy with those laws and state that they can’t-do anything to change these states “uncaring attitude” regarding its very own residents’ health management. The company explains this strange restriction for one laboratory and its absence for another by one word: “politics”.